Whats Our Clients Says About Us

Thank you so much for the great job you did on our building. All the extra windows and doors we added look great, and we love the weather tight installation. The quality is excellent.

Darren Morton

Bestco Services

With kids I was constantly running out of space to store their stuff. My friend told me about Tru Shed and the expertise of Tony. My husband and I called him and explained our requirements. He made some adjustments to make it look nicer and gave us a good price. He finished building our shed on time. Now I have space to store seasonal equipment and jackets. Tony with his crew went out of their way to make some adjustments in the original plans and build a table with the shed so kids can do their homework and play on it outside during the summer. Tony knows his business and he is good at it!

Michelle Dawson

I saw Tony building a custom shed for my friend. I had purchased a shed for my backyard from Walmart. After I saw the finished customized shed I returned mine and asked Tony make one for me. Tony was kind enough to give me a discount and he built my shed with a great attention to details. My shed is my own personal space now with great weather insulation. A great guy who knows what is he doing

Kevin Hunter


I wanted a proper place to store all the lawn and snow equipment away from the effects of weather elements. I started to build my own shed from one the DIY techniques and was never able to finish due to the lack of time. Tony from Tru Shed came in with all the right tools and expertise to build my customized shed from some of my materials and used his great weather proofing materials. Now my tools are safe from the extremes of the weather. Totally recommend this guy!

Dave Kyle


We wanted to use our garage to park our family van in the winter. The space was taken up by all tools and equipment. I saw an ad for Tru Shed and decided to call Tony. He came in and was very polite and professional. He looked at our backyard and suggested a different size of shed than we had originally planned. We took his advice and I sure am glad that we did! Now everything is organized in our customized shed with extra space for my small nursery. We use our garage for the car and shed has still some space left for bikes and toys! I told all my friends about Tru Shed and recommend Tony to everyone!

Carol Williams


I always wanted a space where I can do own thing at any time I wanted. I contacted Tony, he came to my house and we both sat down to sketch a plan. He listened carefully to what I had to say and gave his professional opinion. He gave me reasonable price quote and started to work on my shed. During the whole project he kept me updated with the progress. My shed was ready in a short period of time. The finished product exceeded all my expectations. It had everything and more what Tony had promised. I am very happy with the final result.

Matthew Johnson