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Tru Shed built custom sheds and other outdoor structures. We have expertise to build small to large playhouses, sheds, chicken coops. Tru Shed always uses the highest quality materials and top notch weather proofing materials. Therefore, our custom made and storage sheds lasts a lifetime bearing all types of extreme weather. To help you make a right choice following is a general guideline of various available sizes sheds and their usability. At Tru Sheds we offer two types of customizable shed options:

customizable shed options:

  1. The Studio
  2. The Master
Studio sheds are offered in various sizes. The Master collection offers you the privilege option to upgrade your shed walls to 10 feet. Below are the general categories of available sheds discussed according to their size. 6’x6’- 12’: The smallest shed size we offer is 6’x6’. This shed is small enough to accommodate the basic equipment and tools used by every family. This tiny shed is perfect for small backyards and people with a minimal lifestyle. Other various width options include 8’, 10’ and 12’. The largest 6’x12’ custom shed can store your equipment and if you upgrade to a double door option, it will also allow you to easily access all of your tools and equipment whenever you need them. The basic price of Studio collection starts from $881.10-$1295.10 The price of premium Master Collection ranges from $1346-$1965 with an option of 10ft wall upgrade. 8’x8-16’: These sheds are better suited for medium to large backyards. These sheds can store lawn mower, snow blowers and other related equipment. Along with the basic necessities you can also store salt bags for winter and compost bags for your lawn during the spring and summer time. With great customizable options available at a little extra charge you can have a shed in your back yard perfectly suited to you and your family needs. The price of Studio collection starts from $1115.10- $1637.10 The price of premium Masters Collection starts from $1600-$2383


Description Price 10-ft Wall Upgrade
6’x6′ $881.10
6’x8′ $1,034.10
6’x10′ $1,160.10
6’x12′ $1,295.10
8’x8′ $1,115.10
8’x10′ $1,277.10
8’x12′ $1,439.10
8’x14′ $1,637.10
8’x16′ $1,781.10
10’x10′ $1,529.10
10’x12′ $1,754.10
10’x14′ $1,844.10
10’x16′ $2,123.10


Description Price 10-ft Wall Upgrade
6’X6′ $1,170 $1,346
6’x8′ $1,347 $1,549
6’x10′ $1,524 $1,752
6’x12′ $1,709 $1,965
8’X8′ $1,600 $1,839
8’x10′ $1,776 $2,043
8’X12′ $2,012 $2,314
8’x14′ $2,224 $2,557
8’x16′ $2,383 $2,740
10’X10′ $2,055 $2,363
10’X12′ $2,308 $2,654
10’X14′ $2,594 $2,983
10’x16′ $2,762 $3,177
10’X20′ $3,251 $3,739
12’X12′ $2,661 $3,061
12’X16′ $3,225 $3,709
12’X20′ $3,781 $4,349
12’X24′ $4,346 $4,998
12’X28′ $4,792 $5,511
12’x32′ $5,298 $6,092


Description Price 10-ft Wall Upgrade
6′ Double Door $130
8′ Double Door $170
Windows 18″ x 27″ $100
Windows 24″ x 27″ $110
Window Over Door 6′ $130
Window Over Door 4′ $115
Roof vent $23
Front and Back Overhangs 6″ on 8′ $125
Front and Back Overhangs 6″ on 10′ $140
Front and Back Overhangs 6″ on 12′ $160
Loft $3.20 per sq. ft.
Shelving 16″ Shelf $3.50 per linear ft.
Shelving 24″ Shelf $3.75 per linear ft.
Door Entry Guard $20
Custom Paint 10% of base price ($25 for each additional color)